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Ky Ngo Dennis, Owner/Founder of kynd energy llc reiki practitioner energy healing spirituality workshops

Bridging you to your Spiritual Source through energy work & daily practice

Spiritual experiences guided by an attuned & seasoned practitioner.

Reiki Energy Sessions

Divine Experience: Coaching & Spiritual Facilitation

About the Practitioner, Ky Ngo Dennis


“Ky has a true gift and I can feel her heart energy. My body felt sensation, and my heart centered opened and allowed my to feel all my emotions. I felt a lot of love and healing…I feel really blessed to be able to experience that.”


“Ky has a very calming energy and it made me feel safe enough to relax and be open to the experience. Initially I felt gentle pressure, almost like very light massage, on various part of my body where I had pain and tension. I had the experience of several spirit guides connecting with me via colours and emotions (healing, safety, euphoria, curiosity). Overall, I feel more inspired to connect with a spiritual path again.”


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Ky Ngo Dennis
Reiki Practitioner & Spiritual Facilitator
Phone:  858-215-2424